A photo that has gone viral on social networks shows the Israeli Ambassador to Brazil at the center of a row over the country’s flag and its history of racial discrimination.

On Saturday, the Israeli Embassy posted a picture of the ambassador in his office with the caption “A photo of Israel’s Ambassador to Brasil.

The picture has become an internet sensation, attracting thousands of reactions on social platforms.”

The photo shows a framed picture of a man in the Israeli flag on the wall of the Embassy.

It also features the image of a young boy in a turban and a hat, which many believe to be the head of the state of Israel.

The caption on the photo says, “The photo of a smiling Israeli Ambassador is of a picture I took when I was a child in a Tel Aviv apartment in the 1960s.”

According to the caption on a picture on the Instagram account of the “Brasil Day” celebration, the photo was taken at the Israel Embassy in Brasilia on January 14, 1960.

The caption reads, “Brazils flag was not only an image of the country of Israel but also a symbol of a certain racism.

The photo was published in newspapers and on television.

It became a symbol for a racist regime that had its roots in the brutal colonial occupation.”

The “Israel Day” celebrations are traditionally held on February 16.

The photo was later widely shared on social networking sites and Facebook, with the hashtag “#IsraelFlagRacism” trending worldwide.

On Sunday, the Facebook page of the National Association of Brazilian Journalists posted an article with the tag, “Israel Flag Racist.”

The article states, “A new photo shows an Israeli Ambassador in Brazil with the flag of apartheid Israel.

This photo has created a wave of indignation on social network platforms and has been retweeted more than 15,000 times.

It is also the subject of a debate on the Brazilian social media platform.”

It goes on to say that the photo is racist because of the fact that Brazil has a large Jewish population and the flag has a different design from the country flag.

It adds, “In Brazil, Jews have the right to wear their own flag on their headscarves.”

According the Facebook post, the Brazilian government issued a statement saying, “Brazil has a Jewish minority, and the Brazilian Jewish community is a large one, especially in the southern states, which is also home to the largest Jewish community in the world.

We condemn any kind of discrimination, racism or prejudice.”

The statement continues, “It is not our intention to defend this particular flag in any way.

But we want to affirm the fundamental truth that there are no more Israeli flags than there are Brazilians.

We are also concerned about the use of this flag in the image to promote hatred and prejudice.”

In response, the Israel Day Association, which represents the Brazilian Israeli community, tweeted: “We condemn this racist and offensive flag and are looking into the possibility of the flag being displayed at Israel’s embassy in Brazil.

We have always been committed to ensuring the rights of Brazilian Jews and we are ready to fight for the rights and dignity of our Brazilian brothers.”

The Israeli Embassy in Brazil has not yet responded to requests for comment.

The article in question, titled “Israel’s Ambassador: The Flag Has No Value,” has been shared more than 2,300 times.

The Israeli embassy in Brasil responded to the controversy on Facebook, saying, “#Israel’s ambassador to Brasilia is the ambassador to all of the nations of the world.”

It added, “We welcome and respect the diversity of our communities and wish to contribute to the peace and understanding between peoples.

The flag has no value, and its use by any country, especially by any representative of the United Nations should be condemned and stopped.”

It also said, “Our ambassador to the United States, Michael Froman, is an Israeli citizen and we welcome him as ambassador to our country.

He is a true ambassador of Israel, a man of integrity and of great character.

He has been very active in promoting our relationship with the United Kingdom.”

On Friday, the Jewish community of Brazil hosted a conference to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Jewish community’s representative to the Brazilian Congress, Yair Gold, told reporters that the conference would be held “to bring together representatives of the Jewish and Brazilian communities and to address the challenges of the situation on the ground.”