Bali batiks fabric is available for purchase online for $1.40.

It is available at and in the Sri Lanka department stores.

It was made by the Bali-Batik Foundation for the benefit of the communities and for the promotion of Bali culture.

It is a traditional garment with a soft fabric woven in Bali.

It has a traditional design which is the symbol of the Balik community.

The fabric has been woven in Sri Lanka from the mid-1800s.

It has a unique colour and texture.

It can be worn with any outfit.

Bali batkiks are a unique fashion statement.

It provides a stylish and chic look that is not only traditional, but also contemporary.

They have become an increasingly popular choice for women in Sri Lankan cities.

According to a Bali Foundation spokesperson, the Balis traditional attire, including the bali batikk, has been worn throughout the island of Sri Lanka.

This is because the Balas traditional clothes were worn to protect themselves from rain, wind, and other storms, which was an important aspect of their lifestyle.