“This is a good time to be a batik man,” says the trailer for Batik 2, which launches for iOS and Android devices on Monday, October 31.

“As a man, I have to stand up for myself.”

Batik 2 follows the adventures of a young batik (a man) named “Bashin,” who’s trying to save his life after being bitten by a snake.

The trailer is accompanied by a short video that shows Bashin in the field fighting against a group of armed men, including a giant serpent.

It’s all about Batik’s inner warrior spirit, and his quest to protect and defend his beloved Batik.

As a young man, Batik (who will eventually be known as Batik Jr.) will find himself in a world of adventure and danger, battling villains like an evil dictator who has enslaved the entire world, and an alien who has taken over the Earth.

Batik will face down many different foes, including the evil alien, the giant snake, and even a band of mercenaries, all of whom will attempt to stop Batik from saving his life.