A batik fabric quilt can help save the Bali trees that were destroyed by a new fungus, a scientist said Monday.

Bali, the island nation of about 300,000 people, is facing a huge shortage of trees because of the effects of climate change.

The disease has been causing an unprecedented death toll, leaving thousands of people homeless.

Scientists from the National Institute of Botany (NIB) and the University of the Indonesian Bali said they developed the quilt for the Bailans Tree Shelter (BITSA) project, which helps villagers to remove dead trees from their land and restore them to the environment.

The quilt was made by scientists at NIB, the University at Bali, and the Indonesian University of Sciences in Bali.

The researchers used a variety of different types of bats and insects to create the quilts.

The bats and batsilk fabric were made from wood from bats and other insects.

They also used the bat mask to keep the bats alive.

The insect mask was made from an artificial leaf made from the wings of a butterfly, according to the NIB website.

The batsilk quilt is now being distributed to villagers.