The designs of a few of the Batik fashion items are being showcased this weekend at the fashion show in New York City.

Here are a few notable trends that are being shared by designers in the fashion industry and the fashion community at large.

These are the most popular batik dresses that are in stores this weekend:The Batik Bamboo, a black-and-gold version of the traditional Batik dress, is available in the US, and in Europe the Batki Bamboo will be available in March 2019.

The Batiki Bamboo has a floral motif, and features a floral-patterned skirt with a bodice and a bow on the front, a long skirt, and a long hemline.

The Ballet Batik is a modern take on the traditional batik dress.

The skirt has a bodysuit, and the skirt has an ankle-length bow on both sides.

The bodice is made of satin and is lined with a satin-covered fabric.

The dress has a short skirt and is available for men in October 2019.