This is a first look at the new batik line from the makers of the original, popular retro design, which came out in the early ’90s.

The new line is called Batik, and it’s just one of a handful of new products from the company.

The company has been making cool retro gear for years, and Batik has a bit of a reputation for being one of the first companies to release high-end gear with the classic look. 

The company announced the launch of the line, which will debut at CES in January, on Thursday, along with a couple of other products, including a wristwatch, a sunglasses case, and a headband. 

Here’s a quick look at Batik’s line: Batik Batik Watch $169.99 Batik Sunglasses Case $39.99 Batik Sunglass Case $34.99 Batik Headband $30.00 Batika’s Batakas are made of a durable, mesh-like material.

They come in black, silver, blue, or orange.

They are also available in rose gold and rose gold-plated silver. 

Batsik has been one of those companies that has been around for a while.

The brand is best known for its retro and futuristic designs, which are often worn with accessories like sunglasses and caps. 

Batiki has a great reputation for making cool vintage gear, but these new products, which include the Batik watch, are one of their more interesting products.

The watch is available in a number of colors, and there’s a leather strap as well. 

What we’re looking at here is the Batiki BatikWatch, which comes with a watch face that you can customize with any of the available options, like an animated sunset or a different color for the day. 

As for the sunglasses case?

The company also offers a range of sunglasses, including shades for the face, eyes, and nose.

The sunglasses case is $29.99, which is a bit more expensive than the other Batik products. 

You’ll also find an adjustable strap for your glasses. 

In addition to the watch and sunglasses, Batik also has a wristband for a different look.

The strap features a variety of different designs, including skulls, bats, and more. 

This is a new product, but it’s already pretty cool.

I like that Batik keeps making retro gear and is bringing back a lot of the design elements from their previous line, including the iconic retro designs, so this line definitely shows that Batiki is going forward.

The Batik company also has been a major player in the retro gaming scene for a long time, and I like the brand’s ability to keep creating cool gear.