The Batik shirt is the newest fashion trend that has been gaining popularity among women and men alike.

While some women may wear it casually or wear it on special occasions, it’s now on the radar of the fashion industry and is now being sought by brands looking for a new way to show off their outfits.

“I think the women are just really in love with it,” said Michelle L. Miller, senior editor at Dressed to Kill.

Miller said Batik shirts have been trending in women’s and men’s wear for years.

“A lot of the trends that we see are based on women who are looking for an extra layer of style that they’ve never had before,” Miller said.

“They want something that is a little more formal and more sophisticated, and I think that is what they are looking to achieve.”

Batik has long been a staple in women and women’s wear, with women in some Western countries sporting it to show their individuality and individuality is a big part of the appeal.

Miller has seen a rise in interest among men who want to show they are not afraid to wear something a little bit different.

“You don’t need to look like a rock star to wear a Batik, you don’t have to wear jeans, and you don�t have to be an iconoclast to wear the Batik,” Miller added.

“Women are looking at it in the same way men are, and it�s just like a natural fit for them.”

A few trends that women are looking toward Batik for The Batis are: The trend of a woman looking forward to a new season of “House of Cards” in order to show her loyalty to her family and to keep her family together.

A woman who loves the idea of wearing the Batis because it reminds her of her past as a kid, especially when it comes to her grandmother.

A man who wants to show that he has more style and style is more important than ever.

Miller says that the women she works with have noticed that the men are more interested in what the Batiks look like, and not necessarily what it says about their personality.

“Some men are really into this idea of what it would look like if you were in the Batak,” Miller explained.

“What does that say about your personality? It doesn�t necessarily have to do with what you wear, but the idea that you want to wear it and it’s an important part of your wardrobe.”

Batiki shirts have become more popular in recent years with women’s styles, with many women opting for more formal, tailored looks and women in other countries including the U.K. and Brazil looking to emulate the style.

“If you are in a market that has a lot of people who are really fashion conscious and they really want to stand out, then you are going to see a lot more women wearing them, especially if they are into fashion or women who really love the idea,” Miller noted.