A Canadian brand is taking its first steps into the burgeoning wearable market with a new product.

The batik pants have a retro retro feel to them with a mesh front and a soft mesh crotch.

The retro design also means they are comfortable, but not too comfortable.

It will be available at the Vancouver-based retailer’s second-floor store and will cost $129.

The brand, Batik, is selling the pants online for $49.99.

They are available for women and men to order online.

The website is also selling the batik turtle.

The turtle is the company’s first foray into the wearable market.

The brand will have two turtles available.

Both are black and white.

“Our aim is to make batik accessible to a broader audience.

Our aim is not to make it affordable for the average Joe, but to reach a broader spectrum of people,” said co-founder and CEO Adam Bowers.

“We wanted to give a little bit of leeway to our community to wear what they want, when they want and with what they feel comfortable.

We think this is a great way to go.”

The company launched its first Toronto store in August.

They’re currently in Vancouver and Toronto.

The Toronto store is currently the only one in Canada.

The company is hoping to open an expanded Toronto store soon.

The company says it plans to expand the batiks online in Canada over the next few years.

The Batik online store is expected to open in 2018.