Indonesia is holding its first-ever ‘black bamboozle’ festival on March 15 to celebrate its indigenous culture and culture heritage.

The festival is a tribute to Indonesia’s rich history, tradition and culture, and is designed to celebrate diversity, according to local news site Jakarta Times.

The event will be attended by local musicians and artists, as well as the city’s government.

Participants will perform traditional Indonesian folk songs, such as ‘mawal’, and have a chance to meet local celebrities, including singer Kaya Tuanjana, who recently performed in Jakarta, and singer Bali Bali, who is a popular figure in the region.

The city of Jakarta will also host an exhibit on ‘black bats’ from 1823.

“In the 19th century, there were more than 300 black bats, which are considered the symbol of the indigenous people.

These bats have the same body shape as the human body and they are considered to be the ancestors of all Indonesian bats,” the festival organizers said.”

Today, they are extinct.

But they still have a strong cultural significance and are important to Indonesia,” the organisers added.”

We are planning to celebrate the batik batika and batik festival with a large number of musicians and other people, and we will try to create a feeling of joy and excitement in our city.”

The festival will also feature a concert by a local band, the Batik Band.

According to the organisers, “this festival is intended to celebrate Indonesia’s diverse culture and heritage.

We hope that it will help us to develop the culture, traditions and heritage of our people.”

The event has not been officially announced, but Jakarta Times said organisers hope to attract more than 30,000 people to the event.

The Indonesian government has also been celebrating its “black batakas” festival with an array of initiatives.

The country’s military has been organising the annual “Batik Day” event for years, with an estimated 3,000 soldiers participating in the celebrations.

Last month, President Joko Widodo also announced the creation of a special “Black Batakas Day” in Indonesia to mark the country’s “black bats” festival.

“The government will create a special ‘Black Bataks Day’ in every province to mark Batik Day,” Widodo said.

“This is an important day for us as we will have a special day and we are going to make sure that the country gets a lot of attention from the international community,” he added.