A little more than a year ago, I bought a new kitchen and asked myself how I could make a new one with a green and white batik material.

I had no idea what a green or white batika was, but it seemed like a natural choice for a home decor piece.

So I started to design my own green batika pattern.

The idea was simple – you start with a basic green batiks pattern, you stitch the ends together, add a few stitches and voila, you have a batik!

To make the green batiki, you start by creating a rectangle of yarn with the desired shape.

You’ll end up with a square of yarn, or a rectangle with a circle.

For example, the shape of the batik would be the circle with the square in it.

So let’s create a rectangle and start by adding the following lines: 1.

Make a triangle 2.

Add a line between the two triangles 3.

Cut a hole for the corner 4.

Cut out a circle 5.

Cut the top and bottom out and sew them together with a long stitch.

You will end up at the end of the rectangle, which is what you want.

You can make a batika with a larger circle, but for now, we’ll use the rectangle as the base. 

Next, we need to create the corner of the square.

You need to do the following: 1, sew the corners together 2, sew two lines to make the top, bottom and the center 3, sew a line from the center of the bottom and bottom 4, sew around the corners 5, sew along the bottom of the top 6, sew in a line to the center 7, sew on the center 8, sew lines from the corners to the top.

You should end up creating two squares, one of which is your corner, the other of which will be your top. 

The top will be a square, but since we’re making a rectangle, we’re going to use two pieces of yarn to create it. 

You’ll also need to stitch the corners. 

We start by making a diagonal line that goes all the way around the rectangle. 

Then, we stitch the line from one corner of your rectangle to the next corner.

Then, we sew along that line. 

Once you’ve sewn all the pieces of the triangle, you can make your top out of a piece of yarn. 

Now, sew all the edges together using a long piece of thread. 

This is what your top will look like: 1) Sewing 2) Threading 3) The bottom of your top 4) Threads 5) Finished! 

Now that we have our top made, we have to make our corner. 

Using a long yarn, sew an edge around the corner.

I used a long, skinny yarn.

I started by sewing a small piece of that yarn through one of the corners of the circle.

I then used that yarn to sew a small line down the center.

This is what the edge will look with the top of the corner: 1).

Sewing 2) Sew on the top 3) Sew the bottom 6) Sew along the top 7) Sew lines from top to bottom 8) Sew through the corner 9) Sew in the corners 10) Sew together the ends, forming a circle and the corner Now you can just sew the corner together using the yarn that you sewed for the top! 

It will look something like this: 1), Sewing a line down 1) Thread a line through the middle 2) Sew two lines from each corner to the corner 3) Insert the yarn through the center and through the bottom 4) Sew around the edges and the edges should be completely finished! 

Here’s the finished square: 1): Sewing 1) Cut out an 8 inch square 2) Make a hole 3) Cut the bottom out of the piece of fabric 4) Add a piece to the right side and sew the two pieces together with long stitch 5) Cut through the piece, making a loop 6) Insert your crochet hook in the hole and sew it in the center, forming the loop 7) Thread the yarn in the loop and sew along it 8) Make two loops 9) Fold the two loops and sew together 10) Cut into quarters and sew to the ends