FourFourtwo, an app that tracks how your favourite fashion brands are being treated by retailers, has recently come under fire for a poorly designed purple batilka fabric.

The app uses the data of fashion retailers and designers to create a “featured image” of their products.

The results are displayed on the app, but there is no explanation of how they were created or why they were chosen for the app.

The designers behind the app have responded to the criticism, saying they have taken the app’s design into account when creating the “favours”.

“We took a holistic approach to the design and it resulted in a great selection of colours,” the app says.

“We used our own palette to create the colours, which we’ve been working on since 2015.”

The app was initially created by the same team behind the popular clothing app The Cut.

The app is available for iOS and Android. 

The Cut has come under criticism for its lack of colouring and the lack of a good selection of shades of purple.

The website for the website is currently unavailable and the app is no longer being updated.

FourFour2 has contacted the app for comment.