By now, the idea of buying a batik is one you’ve likely heard of by now.

However, there’s still a lot to learn about the material, its uses, and how to make it yourself.

The basics of making your own bats are simple.

It doesn’t take much, and it won’t break the bank.

You’ll need to know how to cut, bend, and assemble your own piece of batik.

You’ll also need a knife, a ruler, and some wood for the base.

If you can’t get any of that at home, you can also make your batik from a kit that includes the material.

You can get a set of four pieces for under $20, which includes two bases and two of each base, as well as the batik itself.

These are great for people who don’t have the space to cut or bend their own material.

If your project requires multiple bats, the two bases may be more cost effective.

For more tips on making your first batik, check out our tutorial.

Here’s a quick video walkthrough of how to assemble a bat, including how to put together all of the parts for a bat.

You also can find this video on YouTube.

For an example of a bat made with a basic base, check this video out.

A full-size bat will take up to four hours to complete, according to the batmaker.

This is because the wood used to make the base needs to be cut and sewn to the body of the bat.

You can use an old sheet of plywood to make a base for your bat.