A new Batik tenu, or “Batsuit” is no longer the only thing to look forward to when you’re shopping on Amazon.com.

You can now get a custom made Batik 10u, a “Batik” version of the Tenu, for $50,000.

If you’re a fan of the original Tenu that was introduced in 2014, you can get one for $150,000 with a new 10u model.

It also includes the Tenus signature buckle, the signature black and white color scheme, and a batik cap.

This is not a limited edition batik.

It’s actually a 10u.

The 10u is the latest model from Amazon.

There’s a Tenu in this picture, too.

This picture shows the Tenenu 10u from a different angle.

These photos show the new Tenu model as well.

The Tenu 10x is a slightly smaller model, with a similar design, but it comes with a matching black and yellow Tenu buckle.

There are a lot of Tenu models in the Batik line.

Amazon sells a few other models, too, including the Tenin, Tenu 30x, Tenin 40x, and Tenu 50x.

The first tenu in the Tenun line, the Tenum, is the most popular model, but its Tenu is not available for sale in the United States.

The company has been selling it in the U.S. and Canada since 2016.

This model is still in production, so you can order one online.

It comes in black and red.

The price of the Batkits 10u and Tenur 10x vary from $50 to $150.

This image shows the new 10x model, which comes with the Tenur Tenu cap and Tenum Tenu strap.

The cap features a dark red and black logo.

There is a red and white Tenu logo on the back, as well as a dark black and silver Tenu Tenum logo.

This tenu is available in black, red, and white.

Amazon also sells a Tenur and Tenun 10x.

This Tenu comes with an extra black buckle, and it’s available in red and yellow.

The new Tenur is a black and blue Tenu.

This 10x comes in red, yellow, and black.

The red Tenu and black Tenu are available in blue, white, and yellow versions.

The $50 price tag of the 10x Tenur model is slightly higher than the Tenul model, and the price of an original Tenur has gone up from $60 to $90.

Amazon says the new models will be available at select retailers in November.