You’ve never felt more alive in your life, or at home, thanks to the batik mask you’ve been wearing all week.

If you’re still in the mood for more, you could also opt for a mask with a little extra flair. 

Bathroom mask: Batik Malayia’s Batik Mask is a bath mask that looks great in all of your bathhouse needs.

The mask features an adjustable face mask that adjusts to fit your face. 

Shampoo mask: While it’s probably not as cool looking as the batika mask, this mask offers some great benefits for you and your hair.

This mask can be washed in the sink and comes with a showerhead that makes it ideal for showering. 

Facial mask: If you prefer not to wear a mask, you can get some extra styling done with the Batik Facial Mask.

It comes with an adjustable mask that will adjust to your face shape. 

Skin mask: This mask is not only comfortable, it can help you prevent acne and the growth of skin cancer. 

Tub masks: These are great for those who want to keep their hair from becoming messy.

They come in different colors and make it easier to find the perfect color for you. 

The Batik Masks are available in the following colors:Black, Orange, Brown, Red, Green, Black, and Blue.