Bali’s fashion industry is awash in Batik fashion.

Batik, the Indonesian word for a bathing suit, is a hot item these days, with the most popular style trending globally.

And there are thousands of batik dress options available to suit any occasion.

But to make sure you get the best one, you have to know what to look for.

What to know before you shop batik?1.

What is a Batik?

A batik is a piece of clothing with an elaborate pattern or design.

It can be worn to the gym, to the beach, or even to the house.

It’s a casual piece that you can wear with or without shoes.

It could be a swimsuit, a casual dress or a casual blouse.2.

What are the benefits of a batik costume?

A Batik is an accessory, so it’s a good idea to make it look good.

But if you don’t care about looks, don’t worry about the details.

A batik has a basic fabric and a pattern, but it’s more about the quality and quality of the stitching and the detail.3.

How to fit a batika?

A traditional batik can be made from fabric like bamboo or cotton, but now many companies make the whole thing in a few minutes using special machines.

They’re made of flexible and stretchy fabric that doesn’t break and can be tailored to fit your body and needs.4.

What types of batika are available?

There are different styles for different seasons.

Some are made in Indonesia, others are in Singapore, and there are also batik dresses for men and women.

The basics of a Batika are the same for all of them.

But the fabrics and the stitching are different.5.

How long does a batikan last?

A Batik lasts for about three years before you can throw it away.

But some batik are more expensive, so you might want to consider buying a longer one.6.

How many colours are available for a batkika?

In Indonesia, batik goes by several names.

They come in two basic colours: green and red.

The green and orange versions are available in different sizes, and the red and black versions are sold in different colours.7.

What do the different colours of a batsik mean?

Indonesia’s official symbol for batik and the colour of its fabric are the colors green and brown.

And a different symbol for the colour is green and yellow.

But there are many different symbols for the different types of fabric, including white, yellow, blue, orange and green.8.

How can I choose the correct colour for my batika dress?

In the United States, the colors red, blue and orange are the most common.

But they can be dyed to make them more vibrant.

For example, you could make your own red and blue version, or you can buy red and yellow ones.

The colours of fabric are also important.

Here are the best batik fabrics for different purposes.9.

What should I wear for a Batikan?

A basic batik with a white and blue pattern, a red, black and orange one and a grey one.

You can choose one that matches your body or just one that’s suitable for the occasion.10.

What kind of a bathing costume should I have?

A simple bathing suit is usually fine.

But a Bati should have a blouse, a skirt, a tank top, a pair of shorts, and a hat.

You also need a bathing mask, a bathing gloves and a bathing belt.

If you’re going to go to the water, it’s best to wear a bathing hat, which has a mesh-like covering and is water-resistant.11.

What does a bathing glove look like?

A bathing glove is a small glove with a plastic tip.

They can be found in all kinds of sizes, from small to big, from gloves to hats.12.

What’s the best Batik dress for the weather?

A great Batik can look great on the beach or at the beach party.

But it’s even better to go for a longer swim.

And if you have time to spare, try to make a Batkika dress that’s comfortable.

But don’t go overboard with the details like details on the shoulders and sleeves.

The main thing is that you want to make the dress that you’re comfortable with.

If the length and the width are too big, you might not be able to wear it all the time.13.

How do I find a bati?

Batik has been a part of Indonesian culture since the 17th century.

The first Batik shops were located in Bali.

The word Batik means “the batik” and “the place.”

The first shop opened in 1682, and today, there are more than 10,000 bat