A mob of Indian Muslims beat a woman to the ground and beat her to death after she had refused to wear a religious veil in a village in Bihar state, police said Sunday.

The woman’s death was not reported because she was bleeding profusely, said police spokesman Rajesh Kumar.

The attack took place on Friday in an area called Pannu, about 70 miles (120 kilometers) south of Patna, Bihar state.

A police officer in the district said the woman was a resident of the village.

A mob arrived at the home of the woman’s family on Sunday to confront her and beat up her husband, Kumar said.

The mob then forced her to remove the veil and then began beating her, Kumar added.

The victim’s body was then burned with a torch.

The women’s relatives said they were beaten up and robbed by the mob.

The family was not present in the village when the mob arrived.

A Muslim woman who had been living with her husband in the area, Kumar told The Associated Press.

The couple was married for a decade, Kumar explained.

The attack occurred at about 5:30 p.m.

Friday in the Pannub region of Patnagiri district, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) southwest of Patparganj.

A witness, K.P. Singh, told the Associated Press that he saw about four or five men, mostly in the early morning, enter the house and beat the woman, who was wearing a traditional Hindu Muslim headdress.

He said the mob then dragged her to a nearby house where she was beaten to death.

Kumar said the attackers were not known to local Muslims.

He also said he did not know how the victim was able to escape.

The village police chief, Subhash K. Dhar, told local media that no arrests had been made.

Police did not immediately respond to a request for comment.