In a nation where bats and batik are considered a symbol of love, love will reign supreme on Saturday.

Sri Lanka is celebrating batik’s return to the national game after the death of its first captain.

Cerita Tentang Batik, one of the first batsmen to be banned from international cricket in 2002, was awarded the batik in the 100th match of the Sri Lankan Test series against Australia on Wednesday.

Tentang Batika died of a heart attack in April.

He was the only player to be suspended from international matches in Sri Lanka, the world’s oldest democracy.

He was one of four Sri Lankans to be handed batik during the 2002 World Cup in England, the last time the game was played in the country.

Batik was suspended from the national team last year after being charged with rape after a woman said he raped her in his tent.

The ICC ruled in 2014 that batik could not be used as a weapon in the national competition.

The ICC is appealing the decision and said it will review the issue in the next ICC tournament, which begins in 2019.

Tents, also known as batik and batiks, were banned from the sport for almost four decades following a series of sexual assaults against women by Sri Lankar cricketers.