By Football Italy staff Italia staff As the last day of the Africa Cup of Nations draws near, Italy has confirmed it has secured the right to batik as the new shirt of the Senegal national team.

The news was announced at the end of the opening day of qualifying on Thursday, and confirmed on Tuesday by the Senegal Football Federation.

The move was first announced by the team’s secretary general, Ahmed Ben Ali, in the pre-match press conference.

The batik is the new official shirt for the Senegal team.

It will go on sale on Friday, priced at 500,000 lei ($12,000) with an official price of 1,500,000 lira ($25,000).

“The new Senegal shirt has been developed by Adidas and it’s a fantastic innovation that is very popular with our fans,” Ben Ali said.

“The batkits are a very traditional shirt and it is a big hit with our players.

We will be selling them for an official fee.”

The batkas will be the first new shirt in the national team’s history, having debuted in 2006.

Last month, the team announced that it was buying the batik, which is manufactured by the German company Kainbatik.

The team’s manager, Paulo Pessoa, was also present for the announcement.

The new batik was unveiled at the Africa Under-20 Championship last month, and has been the subject of much speculation due to the lack of an official crest and the fact that the jersey does not feature the team crest.

The national team will wear the new batkis for their first competitive game against Algeria on Wednesday.