A selection of work by Italian artists will be on show at the Italian pavilion at the Art World Expo.

Lava baticks are sculptures of water or lava that were created in the ancient city of Pompeii.

The sculpture, a miniature of a sea monster, has been in the possession of the Pompeii Museums since 2011.

The exhibition will be shown in conjunction with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Florence, from 19 to 22 November.

It will be accompanied by a show of more than 100 works of contemporary Italian artists.

The Pompeii batick is one of the most popular works in the city’s collection.

It was built in the early days of Pompei in the mid-2nd century BCE.

It is believed that the work was created by a statue of a young girl.

The batiak was then used as a toilet in the nearby town of Bani, and the sculptor used it to depict women and children in an unusual manner.

It has been considered one of Pompeimisti’s most spectacular sculptures.

The exhibition will also feature works by other artists.

An exhibition in 2015 featured works by artist Federico Bertoni, who has been known for his drawings of women.

He is known for using watercolours to depict scenes from the city.

The Bani batiack has become one of Italy’s most famous sculptures.

The sculptor has previously shown his work at the Museum in Florence.