You may remember from our previous articles how we wrote a story about the batik apartment in Mumbai that cost a whopping Rs.3.9 lakh (around $4,800) to rent.

Well, now, you can add the batiki apartment in the capital of India to the list of “affordable” properties in Mumbai.

According to our research, a batik, or “cubist,” apartment in India can be purchased for Rs.2.5 lakh (approximately $2,100), which is almost double the price of a traditional apartment in a Mumbai building.

We’ve taken a look at the properties in the Mumbai metro, and we’ve come up with our own list of affordable apartments in Mumbai and beyond.

Read on for more about our research and how you can find these affordable apartments near you.

Batik apartments in India have always been a rarity in Mumbai, and they have become more and more popular as the city has grown in size.

However, they have not been as easy to find as the Batik apartments you might have seen in New York City or San Francisco.

And even if you live in Mumbai or other Indian cities, you will still need to be very careful when renting a Batik apartment.

The average cost of a batiki in Mumbai is around Rs. 3.9 million ($4,600), but you will need to pay around Rs 1.6 million ($1,200) for a “normal” Batik.

This is because of the fact that Batik homes have a built-in heat and ventilation system.

However , if you’re going to live in a batika, you’ll need to rent one of the two Batik-style apartments (see below).

The cheapest Batik unit in Mumbai has an average rent of Rs. 2,100 per month ($1.1 million) and is available in two locations: the Batiki apartments are located in the Keshav Nagar area of the city, while the Batika apartments are also in the RKM area, just south of the railway station.

If you want to live like a local, you should rent a Batika apartment located in a larger area like Kishanpuri, Gurgaon, or the South Mumbai suburb of Noida.

The other affordable Batik home in Mumbai comes in the market at around Rs 3,000 ($1 million).

This is located in Noida’s Parel-Dighi area, and it has a similar building as the other two Batika-style units.

The one drawback with this unit is that it requires a private balcony, which is only available in a couple of the units in Mumbai; this means you’ll have to rent an entire Batik flat to avoid having to pay for private balcony.

The Batik units also have a very low rent of around Rs 2,500 ($600), and you can even rent a one-bedroom apartment in this building.

This Batik house also has an attached Batik bathroom, which you can use for your toilet.

The cheapest option in Mumbai for a Batki apartment is the Batki apartments located in Dighi and the South Bombay suburbs.

You can find a Batiki apartment that is located near Dighie, the South India’s second largest city, for around Rs 4,400 ($1 and 1,000 respectively).

You can also rent a two-bedroom Batik in Dangoli, located in North Mumbai’s North-West, for Rs 2.5 million ($2,000).

This Batiki house also comes with an attached batik bathroom.

The second cheapest Batki home in India is the one located in Juhu.

This one has a built in water and heat, and you should use it to save on water bills.

The cost is around $1,300 per month.

The last affordable Batki in Mumbai can be found in Noidah, located about 60 kilometres north of Mumbai.

This property, which has an outdoor balcony and an attached private bath, costs around Rs 5,600 ($1).

If you live near the North Mumbai suburbs, you may want to rent this one as well.

The price is Rs 2:4,400 per month, which comes with the option to pay the additional rent of 50 rupees ($0.13).

This one is located about 40 kilometres north-east of the North-East city of Thane.