Afro-Indian Batik Art (Banya Batiks) is a popular and sophisticated art style which originated in India.

The name Banya Bataks comes from the African tribe who lived in the same region.

In fact, the tribe’s chief is said to have had an affinity for batik.

Banya is also known for its use of colorful motifs and patterns, and its popularity among contemporary artists has reached new heights.

In 2009, it was awarded the prestigious Indian Design Prize, which is the country’s highest accolade for contemporary art.

Banyan Batik Vino (Banyan Batik Vino) is another popular style of Indian art, which originated from the subcontinent.

It’s a blend of traditional Banya and the more modern styles such as Tato Batik.

Both styles are very popular in India and can be found in various museums and shops.

Batik and Vino have been the mainstay of Indian culture for centuries.