Batik, the New York-based group that released their fourth album, Batik (which they’ve called “The Future of Music”), has been on the rise in the last few years.

Now they’re back with another music video, this time featuring rapper and singer-songwriter Batik.

The video is an homage to the legendary Batik haircut and shows the duo’s new hit single “I’m The Batik,” which features a few of the most recognizable moments from the band’s early career.

Watch the video below: Watch the new Batik music video “I am The Batak” below.

In the music video the duo uses a stylized version of their famous batik hairstyle to play out their classic “I Can’t Wait” hit, as well as an animated version of “I Love My Hair.”

Watch the Batik video above.

“I’ve been working on a new song called ‘I Can Only Wait’ for the last couple of months and I just couldn’t resist doing something with a Batik style,” Batik singer-guitarist/vocalist Jazmine Sullivan said in a statement.

“It was super fun and I’m really excited to share this music video with the world.”

Watch “I Am The Batk” above.

Watch “The Batik” above and “I’ll Get It” below: