Australia is now offering its own version of Batik, the popular Australian designer brand batik bedspread, for $150.

The Batik brand has been making waves in the United States and other countries for its high-end product lines.

The Batike product line includes bedspread designs, pillowcases, and head coverings.

In a statement, Batik said it is thrilled to announce the Batik bedcover collection, which will be available at retail stores in Australia from February 20, 2019.

Batik said the Batike bedspread collection is designed to enhance the beauty of any room, whether it is a home, office or dormitory.

The collection will also be available online for $99.

Batike said that its product line is designed for the everyday home, so the company does not believe that a batik pillowcase, for example, will fit into a single space.

The company said that this line is not for everyone, and it has been tested on families who want a unique bedspread that can withstand everyday wear and tear, including dust storms, heat and cold, humidity and the elements.

Batika also said that the Batika Bedspread Collection will not be sold on Amazon, although it did say that retailers will be able to find the BatIK Bedspends in store.