If you’re looking for a place to put your favorite Batik-themed wallpaper, there’s a new place to go: batikpinkwallpaper.com.

The popular Batik pink wallpaper from the pop culture-savvy artist’s latest album, My Love, My Life, is now available for purchase through the site.

The batik wallpaper comes in a variety of colors, from burgundy to black and white to pink, and includes a new wallpaper-themed song, “Don’t Be Shy,” by Batik himself.

You can also order a set of six new batik wallpapers that include the song and the accompanying images, “Lift It Up,” “Passionate,” “The Lips Are Back,” and “I’m With You.”

Batik’s latest music video for the song “Lifts It Up” features the artist’s trademark batik on the front, while the music video also features a new cover for his album My Love.

Check out a few of the new batizure wallpapers below.

Batik Pinkwallpaper: “Don´t Be Shy” – My Love My Life – My Life Don´t be shy, baby, just like that.