The latest fashion trends in Ireland, according to The Irish Examiner, with an article focusing on Batik style in the latest fashion style from the island.

Dublin’s hottest trends in the fashion world, including the latest Batilik style, are now available for purchase at the Batik shop in The Street.

The fashion house has also recently added a second store in The Town, in Dublin’s western suburbs, to cater for the burgeoning Batilak fashion scene.

Dubliners can expect to find the latest styles on their doorstep when the shop opens in The St. Martin Street shopping area.

The latest Batiks fashion features include the new Batik collection featuring a range of colours and prints.

There are also a variety of new Batiik styles, including a new collection featuring the brand’s latest and greatest.

The most popular styles are inspired by the island’s diverse and diverse population.

They include a number of iconic styles, which include a Batik tee, a Batiliki hat, a traditional Batik dress and a Batiiki headband.

Dubs Batik retail outlet is also the place to shop for a variety in accessories.

Batik is the only footwear brand in the world that sells all Batik footwear, including Batik shoes and batik socks.

Other popular Batik styles include a variety that include a new Batilike bag and Batilki hats.

The Batik store will be open daily from 9am to 6pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9am – 6pm Monday and Tuesday and 9am-6pm on Wednesday and Thursday.

The shop has been operating since 2006 and has become the most popular location in Dublin for Batik fans.