The colours on the new turtle batisks are changing, which could spell trouble for your beloved pets.

The company behind the colours, turtlebatik fabric, is adding a new design for their turtles, which includes three different colours.

The new design is being made up of three different turtle designs, one for each colour, which has now been revealed.

The colours are grey, purple and orange, and it has a “light tan” and “dark blue” background.

The company said that it was creating the turtle colours to help turtles grow up in a natural environment.

The new design has been dubbed the “light turtle” turtle, but the turtle has also been named “grey turtle”.

The new turtle designs are to be made up in two separate versions, the grey one and the orange one, the company said.

The grey turtle has three colours, which will be different from each other.

They will be made of grey, brown and white.

The brown turtle will be grey, green and blue, while the orange turtle will have orange and red.

The colours on these turtles will be the same, as well as the size of the turtle.

These will be used for both males and females, turtles will grow up with the same colours, and turtles will also have the same shape.

The turtles will not be able to distinguish colours at all.

The turtles will have to wear their new turtle colours as they grow, as the new designs will not fit their bodies.

The turtle colours are now available, with the colours coming with the turtle in stores on March 27, 2018.

The design will be available for purchase from April 4, 2018 to May 18, 2018, for the price of US$150.