By Peter GaffneyBattik’s first haircut was a simple, simple black bob cut.

His next haircut was something much more dramatic.

In February, the 32-year-old forward became a full-time hair stylist in his hometown of Brescia, Italy, a city of about 25,000 people.

“It was very exciting,” Batik told Goal Italy.

“The hair stylists and the people here are very professional.

It was very good.”

Batik had been playing football since the age of 11 and has been working for the club since 2015.

“When I was younger, I wanted to be a footballer, but after seeing the way people were working I thought I should go to a salon to have my hair cut,” he said.

“I have a friend from school who used to work at a salon and he told me that you have to go to this salon, otherwise it will go to waste.”

In 2015, Batik played for Milan and scored five goals in 17 games.

He returned to the club last season but was loaned out to Milan for a season.

After winning the Serie A title, Batilik had a brief stint at Bresci, but the club was not interested in paying him as he had not played since the 2015-16 season.

“Milan did not want to pay me, so I went to Bresi for a few months, but then I was loan to another team and they didn’t want to take me,” Batiliz said.

He left the club in the summer and spent two months with Italian side Genoa.

After a couple of months, Genoa made an offer to sign him, but they were not interested and Batilitz left the Italian capital for a new job in Italy.

His new job is a stylist at an Italian barber shop in Milan.

“That was a good opportunity for me,” said Batilks new hairstylist, Giuseppe Sforza.

“Now I am a professional, I do not need to go into a barbershop anymore.”

Battilik’s haircut is very simple.

He cuts it with a single razor blade and then does a small amount of hair, depending on the length.

The cut is done at a very conservative angle, which means he has to make sure that the hair falls perfectly.

The new haircut is part of a wider shift by the Italian hair stylistics industry, which is undergoing a huge transformation in the last two years.

“We have gone from an almost passive profession in the past, to a profession that has grown significantly in recent years,” said Carlo Bizzarri, the president of the Italian Association of Hairdressers and Exposurers (IBA) and a long-time stylist.

“In this profession, there are no rules,” Bizzarr said.

The IBA has been looking at ways to change that.

“Hair stylists need to be more responsible.

There is a big need for this profession,” he told Goal.

Sforza, the barber, said that the industry has to change.

“What we do needs to change, and this has to be the way of the future,” he added.

“A lot of the times, hair stylistas are used to doing everything with a brush, but that doesn’t work anymore.”

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