Kilang, Malaysia – The man whose batik, sarimbet and coconut oil are the centerpiece of his business is being forced to sell it.

Malaysian President Joko Widodo has announced a new law to prohibit the sale of goods made with synthetic products, including batik and sarimbits.

Malay officials have said the ban could affect more than a dozen companies, including Batik Sarimbit, which has been importing the product since last year.

“It is not just a problem of batik.

It’s a problem for other types of products as well,” Batik spokesperson Sanya Pekarawan told reporters on Tuesday.

The new law was prompted by complaints that batik was being exported illegally, and by the government’s decision to ban the import of batiaks and sarims, which is expected to affect up to 100 businesses in the country.

Batik is Malaysia’s second largest export, after chicken.