In the wake of the shock announcement that Lazio have made the switch to the new 3-5-2 formation, the Italian media have been calling for the club to change their style.

A few days ago, Lazio president Mario Sousa hinted that the club were looking at an alternative to the 4-4-2.

This is, however, just speculation as Lazio do not have the funds to make such a move, as they have already been relegated last season. 

On the other hand, the new formation has been called by many the ‘new face’ of the team, as the switch is seen by many as the logical way forward for the squad.

This could be something that the new Lazio will use to its advantage, as this formation can be used to neutralise opponents. 

However, the fact that the Lazio squad is still comprised of players who have been with the club for many years has been questioned. 

The current squad is composed of some of the finest talents in Serie A, but is this a reflection of the squad’s true potential? 

For many, the answer is no.

Lazio are currently without a player of any real quality, as their best player is currently out injured with a shoulder injury.

The other star players who are playing for the Biancocelesti are also unable to find the back of the net, as Lazi are without their main striker in Andrea Belotti. 

As of now, Lazi have the following players: Alessandro Del Piero, Alessandro Totti, Gervinho, Leonardo Bonucci, Marco Benassi, and Antonio Candreva.

This list is not without its weaknesses, however. 

Lazio have only managed to score once in nine games this season, which is very concerning considering the quality of their forwards.

They are also missing their captain and a number of key players, namely Alessandro Diamanti, Stefano Mauri, and Mauro Icardi. 

For the time being, Lazios future looks bright, as its been a disappointing season for the current squad. 

Will Lazio be able to turn things around? 

Lionel Messi and the Argentine team are yet to find their form.

It will be interesting to see what happens when they face off against Lazio.

It has been quite a while since they last faced off against the Italian side, so a victory could be a good result for the young side. 

Do you think Lazio can make the move to the 3-3-2?