There are countless bedsprews on the market.

But the new Batik bedspread from the company that makes the popular bedsprows is different, and it looks and feels more like a bedspread.

The Batik Bedspread is a simple bedspread that’s meant to help you sleep in peace.

The product’s name is a reference to the bedspread’s shape, and the company also claims that the product is meant to fit your needs better than anything else out there.

Batik’s Bedsplits are available in three sizes: 6-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch.

The company’s Batik Bedspread comes in three colors: gray, blue and green.

It’s available for purchase through Amazon, but you can also get the product on eBay and other retailers.

It costs $39.99, but it’s still an affordable option if you’re looking to try a bedspost on your bed.