When it came to the Irish Rugby Sevens Series, the Irish did not look too far ahead. 

They had the men’s side in the semi-finals of the men�s world championships in Russia and, as the world championship approached, they had their eyes on a first place finish in the men��s competition at the 2016 European Championships.

 It is a place where the Irish have never looked good.

The team that beat England 2-0 in the final on Sunday did not win the trophy.

Instead, they fell to Italy in the semis.

That was not an auspicious start.

In their first game at the Millennium Stadium, Ireland had no score. 

Ireland were down by two at half-time, but were able to come back and beat Italy by a score of 31-28 in the quarter-final, to take the series 2-1.

As the series progressed, Ireland struggled.

They conceded three tries in the first quarter and only two in the second.

After winning the bronze medal, the Ireland players were awarded the International Rugby Board (IRB) Players’ Player of the Year award. 

In the semi finals, Ireland lost to New Zealand 3-2 in the opening game.

This was followed by a disappointing defeat to South Africa in the last match.

Then, in the World Cup semi-final at Wembley, Ireland faced England in the decider, losing by a penalty shootout to defeat the English champions.

“This was a disappointing performance,” Ireland coach Mike Ross told The Irish News in February.

“It’s a bit of a letdown.

I’m disappointed in the way the game turned out.

I know that the players are disappointed with themselves as well.” 

Ross was adamant that the team needed to improve.

A team that has been struggling for years, the team is not winning, he said.

“We need to get back to winning ways.” “

But as Ross and the team look ahead to the next stage of their campaign, the fact that they have never lost in the series, is a very important thing to know. “

We need to get back to winning ways.” 

But as Ross and the team look ahead to the next stage of their campaign, the fact that they have never lost in the series, is a very important thing to know. 

Ross added: “I think there’s a real hunger in the squad to win and I’m very proud of them for that.”

The thing that I’m really proud of is that we haven’t lost a series since 2009.

“We haven’t missed a game in the Sevens World Series since 2011.

There’s a lot of history there.

I think it’s an opportunity for Ireland to step up and show they’re serious contenders in the tournament.”

Ross said that Ireland was determined to improve and said that they needed to keep improving in order to be successful. 

“I don�t think it�s something we�re going to ever get a perfect result in, but we have a very positive mindset.”

If we keep working at it, we can get better and I think that�s a good thing.

“Irish rugby fans and pundits will be happy to know that Ross is not the only one who thinks that way.

Rory O’Brien, who writes for Irish rugby blogs, said that while the Irish players may not be playing well enough, they are improving and that they should be able in the next few weeks to take on the best of the world. 

Rory O’Brien is Irish Rugby columnist for Irish Rugby Weekly, www.irishrugbyweekly.ie.