I recently wrote about Croton’s new hair-themed collection of balik papan and hair accessories.

I was inspired by the Balik Papan collection from the designer’s Instagram account, which features a collection of hair-inspired items, including a Balik Balakpapapa with a matching wig, a Balak Papan with a hairpin, and a Balamang Balak papan.

These pieces are all available for $45, and are all part of Croton Balik’s Fall collection, which launches Friday.

Croton also released a video featuring a few of the items from the collection, and while it didn’t have a release date or a price yet, we can definitely expect them to be on sale at some point during the week.

The Balik papsan looks like the perfect addition to any Balik collection, as it features a long straight style, which makes it perfect for wearing with your hair down and styled with a bob.

The wig is made from a natural hair dye, and the papan is made out of a special gel that provides extra moisture and makes it easy to comb.

Both Balik-papapapanas and Balik balakpapan are available in black and white.

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