A new survey has revealed that people hate the new Teal T-shirt, even though they love the brand.

The survey was conducted by a marketing company that specializes in the sales of new apparel, but the company declined to name it because of the sensitive nature of the questions.

The company’s director of research, Anand Bhatia, said he and his team decided to name the shirt after a brand he hates, so that they could find out what people hate about it.

“I was thinking about this shirt in a different way and decided to make it into a hate shirt,” Bhatian said.

He added that people love Teal, but people don’t know why.

“We want to find out why people don`t like Teal,” he said.

Teal is the brand that makes the teal shirts.

In India, the company has a website where users can comment on what people think about the brand and their favourite designs.

The Teal brand is popular in India and abroad, and Bhatias team chose a shirt for the survey that he found the most popular in the country.

He said people were not too happy about the shirt.

“When I read comments from people, I was worried about it,” Bhatti said.

“But I think people are very happy about it.”

Bhati said the survey showed that Teal has a huge following in India, and that the company is doing well in the Indian market.

“People love the teals and they also like the teas, which is a good thing for us,” he added.

Bhatiya said the company also has a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

“One of our Instagram posts had nearly 4,000 likes,” he explained.

Teals sales are up more than 20% this year in India as compared to last year.

Bhattias team plans to increase sales in India.

“India is one of the fastest growing markets for us in the world,” he continued.

“If we can increase our sales in the next few years, we are confident that we can achieve our goals.”

In 2017, the brand sold a total of 2.3 million teal teas.

“As Teal grows, we will expand our footprint in the United States,” Bhasin said.

The shirt is available at Amazon, Ebay and Walmart stores in India (Bhatia said the shirt is also available at online retailers).