Posted March 28, 2019 03:25:04 With the 2020 elections less than two months away, it’s time to look at who would be best suited to lead the Senate.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has said he would be the best candidate to succeed Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

But it is not clear that he has the support of the Democrats’ minority in the Senate, who have made it clear that they do not want to be in the same boat as the Republicans.

In fact, the two leading candidates to replace McConnell are Sens.

Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Cory Booker (D-N.J.), both of whom are on the left wing of the party.

They are also two of the most popular senators in the country, according to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll.

If Sanders can win the support and votes of both of them, he could be the next Senate Majority Whip.

But his popularity is not universal.

Among likely Democratic primary voters, just 17 percent of respondents said they would vote for Sanders, while 51 percent said they wouldn’t vote for Booker.

Some people said they will vote for either Alexander or Booker if they have to, but only 12 percent of voters said they’d go for either senator.

A majority of people also said they’re not sure if they’d vote for someone else, either because they do or don’t know.

Another question asked of potential Senate candidates is whether they would make a good or bad president.

Of the candidates on the ballot in 2020, just 12 percent say they would be good, but 43 percent say the same about Trump.

Sanders is the first candidate to run for the presidency without a major party.

His supporters have been working for months to get his name on the Democratic ticket.

In the Senate races, the Democratic candidates who have announced they are running have been far better known.

Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.), a former Harvard Law professor, is expected to run against the senator from Vermont.

Former Maryland Gov.

Martin O’Malley, a former senator himself, is the only other potential candidate on the Republican side.

Warren is a former Democratic National Committee chairman and a member of the House of Representatives.

O’Mahony is a retired lieutenant governor and U.K. minister.

Booker is a professor of political science at Princeton University and the author of “What’s in a Name?

A Party of Ideas: An American History.”

Both have strong ties to progressive groups in the U.k. and abroad.

Both are former mayors and have been critical of Trump.

Elizabeth Womack, a Harvard law professor who is running against Sanders in the Democratic primary, is a progressive activist.

She also has worked to help progressives get elected to the House and Senate.

She has been active in working to push for progressive legislation.

Elizabeth Dole, a Democrat running in the House, has served as a vocal advocate for LGBT rights and is a strong advocate for voting rights.

Womak is a co-founder of the Center for American Progress and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Booker has worked as a U.N. ambassador and is on the board of the U and DCCC.

Elizabeth Kind, a progressive leader in the New York City Council, is running for Senate in the District of Columbia.

Kind is a longtime supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Her opponents have criticized Kind for being a “white nationalist.”

Both Kind and Booker are also considered moderate in their views.

Neither is a conservative, though Booker is less popular than Kind in his home state of New Jersey.

Sen-elect Kamala Harris, a member, is currently running for U. S. Senate in California.

She is the niece of California Gov.

Jerry Brown.

Kamala has been a strong critic of Trump and has taken a hard line against him.

She was one of the first Democrats to endorse Bernie Sanders for president, and she also has ties to the progressive wing of her party.

Harris is also a member on the New Democrats in California, and in a new book, “California Democrats,” she describes her roots as a moderate Democrat.

She recently received a prestigious MacArthur grant for her work on climate change and health care.

She became a U in the 2020 Democratic primary.

A former U.B. senator from California, Kamala’s political career has been marked by her fierce opposition to Trump, and the Senate has repeatedly passed anti-Trump resolutions.

Sen.-elect Kamiah Harris, who is currently the top Senate Democratic candidate, was a member and a co–chair of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Sen.—elect Kamisha Harris (D., Calif.), a progressive and member of Congress, was one the first women to hold elected office in the United States.

Harris has been endorsed by Sen. Elizabeth Kamala (D–Calif.) and Sen. Mazie Hiron