Indonesian craft chain Batik Aceh is selling its Aceh White Batimite Fabric on Amazon, making it the world’s cheapest batik in its price range.

Batik’s White Batis come in several sizes and can be ordered for around $25 per 100g (8.8oz).

It also comes in white and red, which is more affordable than the more expensive white.

A spokesperson told Quartz that this particular batik comes in “a variety of colors.”

A Batik seller in Indonesia, who asked to be referred to as A, said that she got her first batik from a seller on the street in Indonesia’s capital of Jakarta.

She ordered one for $15 (about 1.4kg).

She said the batik’s colors weren’t as vivid as those in the U.S. but that she could buy it for $60 (about $60 per 100kg).

A told Quartz she was surprised to see the price of a batik when she got it.

“But I had no idea that batik would cost so much in Indonesia,” she said.

“The Batik is the most important part of my lifestyle and I have always been obsessed with this batik.”

In Indonesia, it’s believed that bats provide many medicinal benefits.

A batik seller told Quartz: “The bats are used for cooking, making food, and in some cultures, it is considered a symbol of beauty.

They are used as a symbol for healing, so it is very important to have them as a part of your everyday life.”

Batik, like other batik fabrics, can be bought in the United States and in other countries.

The Indonesian retailer said it has also been selling its Batik White Fabric, which costs about $20 (about 4.2kg).

“We do have a special section in our warehouse where you can buy your white batik,” the spokesperson said.