Amazon announced it will sell a new batik brand fabric bundle with the company’s bat-shaped fabric.

The batik bundles will cost $10,770 each.

Amazon says the batik product line is a result of customer feedback.

“Our vision is to create a world in which every person has access to an authentic, quality batik, one that looks good, feels good, and feels like they belong.

That’s why we created batik,” Amazon said in a press release.

The batik cloth bundle is the third product line Amazon launched last year.

The first line was the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and its Kindle Paper white tablet, and the second line was its Kindle Fire tablets.

The new line includes the Kindle Fire tablet and a new Kindle Paper Black model, which Amazon says is “the next-generation tablet for people who want a tablet that is more personal, personalized, and more convenient.”

Amazon also announced it’s launching the Amazon Watch in the fall.

The Watch will run Amazon’s “real-time video platform,” and Amazon will be “bringing our video services to the new Amazon Watch,” the company said.

Amazon has been developing its own version of its own video streaming app.