There are many reasons why batik fabric is such a premium item in Indonesia.

The company behind it, the Batik fabric and textile firm Philippines Manufacture, is known for its high-quality and unique fabrics.

Batik also sells its own hand-picked products.

The products in this bundle are made of batik that are then pressed into different fabrics.

In Indonesia, the price of batiks is typically around $1,000.

For the price, you can get some pretty awesome fabric, especially if you purchase a bunch of them.

Here are some of the products that come in the bundle.

There are several sizes of the batik cloth that you can choose from, depending on the thickness of the cloth.

Here is a look at the different colors.

You can also see a couple of styles.

The company sells two sizes of batig fabrics, a basic fabric and a luxurious fabric.

A basic cloth comes in a box that can be folded into multiple smaller pieces, while the luxurious cloth is made up of a bag that folds up into a bigger box.

Both types of cloth come in various lengths, ranging from 2.5 centimeters to 3 centimeters.

The luxurious fabric can be made up to 18 centimeters long and can be used to make other batik products, such as hats and scarves.

The batik bag that comes in the bati bags also comes in three different sizes.

The standard size comes in at 5 centimeters, while a medium and a large size comes up to 10 centimeters.

You also get three types of baticos, including the black, white and brown.

The black one is also available in different colors, while white is only available in a small version.

The most important thing to note about the batiki fabric bundle is that you don’t need to wait until you get your hands on the cloth to get a decent deal.

The prices of these batik bags range from $15 to $20.

To get that much batik in one bag is worth it, even if it is just for one person.

Here are some more reviews of the Bati-fabric bundles that are available online:The Batik fabrics are not only very high-end, but also quite versatile.

For example, the fabric that comes with the batig bags comes with a wide range of styles, including scarves, gloves, shoes, jackets and pants.

You could make a batik hat out of this fabric, too.

The fabric comes in various sizes, and the best thing is that it comes in different colours.

The best part is that if you use the batika to make an item like a scarf, it will actually make the scarf more stylish.

The best part about this batik is that they have an amazing selection of different designs to choose from.

From the very basic to the luxurious to the expensive, you’ll find everything that you could ever want.

They even offer a wide selection of batikan and batik accessories.

The product you see here is made by Philippine Fabric.

If you’re interested in buying a bunch, the company will even sell you a bag full of the same fabric.

You will need to buy at least two of the four products in the box to get all of them in one bundle.

The price of the bags in this package is around $150.

It will be a good idea to go to a store to purchase your bundles to get the best deal.

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