Java batik fabrics, kain batika,batika solo lawyani has been removed from the websites of gambling companies and gambling outlets in China, according to Chinese state media.

The ban, which was first reported by The China Daily, was issued by the Chinese People’s Anti-Gambling Commission (CPC) on May 31.

In response, Kotak Games, a Singapore-based online gaming company, issued a statement on its Twitter account on Monday saying the company would review its policies.

Kotak said it was reviewing how it operates online gaming and had already decided to remove all products from its platform in China.

Kotaku, a gaming news and culture website, said it also had removed products from the company’s website in China and would “continue to work with our partners in China to review the relevant laws in accordance with China’s regulations.”

Kotak and its subsidiaries have been under fire in recent weeks for their handling of the country’s largest online gambling company, Taobao, which has been the target of a crackdown on online gambling since 2015.

Taobaeo had about 30 million registered users in China as of January 2018, according the online gambling giant.

Kotaking has also been under scrutiny for failing to do enough to help Chinese players who had been unable to access the company online in the past.

Kotakin Games and the company behind the game called Kotak Online have not yet responded to requests for comment.

In October, Kotaku reported that the company had blocked the popular Chinese gaming website “Mangala,” which had allowed users to access gambling platforms.

Kotake Games, which makes products for the video game industry, was the subject of a report by Reuters in September that cited a Chinese official as saying Kotak was “sucking up to a country where there are serious problems in its online gambling sector.”